how to discharge a capacitor?

In this article, I gonna show you how to discharge the capacitor?

before discharge, capacitor To introduce

What Is The Capacitor?

the capacitor is a device there is store electrical energy in their electrical field means these two plates namely anode and cathode.

What Is The Capacitor?

how to discharge a capacitor

  • To discharge capacitor so two leads of capacitor namely anode And cathode are touch to each other means short-circuited. then the capacitor charge becomes zero and the capacitor is depleted our power and capacitor now discharge.
  • This is the quickest way to discharge capacitor but this way is sufficient for lower voltage. but is some cases voltage is very high and manually this way not possible to discharge the capacitor then uses it for load, to discharge the capacitor? the load is many types but the resistive load is one of the examples that. the value of that using resistor depends on the voltage to be storing of that capacitor.

These are the two ways of discharging the capacitor.

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