Parts Of Three-Phase Induction Motor Also Working & Advantage

induction motor

1) Stator

The stator is an outer part of the motor. the stator is not moving like motor, stator is a stationary part of the motor. A few parts of Stator are namely Outer frame, stator Core And Stator winding. heavy insulation is provided to stator because avoid any leakage current flowing through the stator and avoid damages. The stator is easy to cooling. the main Function of Stator is To Generate Rotating Magnetic field


2) Rotor

The rotor is a rotary part in induction motor, this is the group by various electromagnets arranged around of that cylinder. a few parts of the rotor are namely Rotor Core And Field winding. the rotor has less insulation is providing as compare to the stator. the main function Of Rotor is to produce Torque in the motor Use Interaction between magnetic field and windings.



The shaft is the supporting part of the motor. rotor is mounted on the shaft and shaft is mounted on stator body of that three-phase induction motor.shaft is also used to transfer power one side to another end to the motor or machine.also called as mast


bearing is important part of the motor. bearings are mounted on the shaft of that motor.also bearings are giving support to the rotor and moving free to rotate. also, increase the speed of the motor.



The fan is a very important part of the motor. the main function of the fan of in that motor colling of motor temperature. and maintain the heat of that motor. fan is mounted rotor shaft motor is cooling when the motor shaft is rotating.


Terminal Box

In the terminal box of induction motor, All connections are done. and all the connection wirings are done in that connection box. input supply of the motor is coming in the motor terminal box.

Stator winding

The winding which is wound in the stator of the induction motor called as stator winding.

Rotor winding

That is winding which is wounding around the rotor called rotor winding.

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