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In this post discuss about what is a capacitor? and what are the working and formulas and important diagrams to discuss this article. and some information about the capacitor.

What is a capacitor? Definition and working of capacitor

A capacitor is a device which is used to store electrical energy/charge in an electrical field is known as a capacitor. A capacitor is a very important electronic component. A capacitor having two-terminal and it is passive electronic terminals.

capacitor symbol symbol of capacitor

symbol of capacitor

Important information about capacitor

  • The effect of the capacitor is known as capacitance. The capacitor is component design to add capacitance of the circuit. The capacitor is also called Condenser. Acts as a increase the capacitor charge capacity. Capacitor is widely used to the parts of electrical circuits in many ways.
  • Ideal capacitor does not dissipate. energy although real life capacitor do dissipate small  amount of energy.

  • When capacitor is connected to the across a battery, and voltage is applied across the terminal then electrical field is develop across the dielectric causing positive charge, To collect all one plate and made negative charge to collect or the other plate.

Operation Of Capacitor

Operation diagram Of Capacitor
  1. A capacitor consist two conductors saperated by non conducting region.The non conductive region and electrical insutor material known as dielectric material.

  2. dilectric material example is given below -:                                                                                                                           Glass, air,paper, plastic, ceramic, and chemically identical  to the conductor.

  3. From coulombs law a charge on one conductor exerted force on the charge carrier . within the other conductor also.

  4. Attractive opposite polarity charge and repelling light polarity charges thous, and opposite polarity charge induce on the surface of other conductor also.

how to discharge a capacitor?

The capacitor is discharged in two ways but in this article discuss the first way of discharging the capacitor is Two terminals of the capacitor is short-circuited and then the charge present in the capacitor is dissipated and the capacitor will be discharged.

The capacitor is characterized as a capacitance (C)

C =Q/V


C= capacitance

V= voltage

Q= charge

Capacitor in series

Above symentrical diagrams shows the connection  of series capacitor , which connects series. The total voltage differences from end to end is opportion to each capacitor, according to inverse of its  capacitance  also.

series capacitor formula
capacitor in series

1/Ceq = number of capacitance connected

Capacitor is combined in series to achieve a higher working voltage. Is archiving higher voltage when its capacitor is connected in series
               Capacitor connected in series is more beneficiary because when we connect capacitor in series that time we archive higher level of voltage.

Capacitor used in Dc circuit

Capacitor used in Dc circuit

The above symmetrical diagram shows the construction of the dc circuit. Having a resistor, capacitor, means in short word it is the RC circuit.
A series circuit containing a capacitor, resistor, and Dc source also. A capacitor is Uncharged While Switch is open D

Types Of Capacitor

  • ceramic capacitor 
  • film capacitor
  • Electrolytic capacitor
  • Variable Capacitor
  • DISC-CAPS Capacitor
  • Mica capacitor
  • Non- Polarized capacitor
  • power film capacitors
  • Super capacitors
  • Class X and Class Y capacitors

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