working principle of pulse generator

pulse generator

This post gives information working principle of the pulse generator, Uses, And types of generators. also, Block diagram of pulse generator.

the pulse generator is the instrument, that is used in electronics and electrical laboratories for the generation of pulses. normally generate the rectangular pulses. when we required rectangular pulses then we used the pulse generator on the electronics instruments.

Uses Of Pulse Generator

  • The pulse generator is used to generate various pulses that can stimulate logic electronic circuits.
  • The pulse generator has used an oscilloscope as a measuring type device.
  • The pulse generator is used to find waveforms and characteristics in the system in the form of points or output.
  • pulse generator provides quality information about that device.

Types Of generators

  1. Pulse generator.
  2. Square-wave generator.

1) pulse generator the are generate of rectangular waves.

pulse generator

2) The square-wave generator is used to generate rectangular waves.

squarewave generator

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